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To commemorate and honor her Alma Mater for its 150th Anniversary, Deepa Soul will donate a portion of the proceeds ($50.00) from each $200.00 VIP Couple/Buddy Pass sold.  


Ms. Soul is elated to come home to New Orleans to host a special concert Saturday September 16th. She will record her album  'Creole Woman' (Rebirth of a Love Evolution) LIVE with her 18 piece band The Love Soul Orchestra.


Deepa Soul is a graduate of St. Mary's Academy (SMA) class of 1984! She proudly represented SMA as a top musician and multi-instrumentalist leading on the front line of the St. Mary's Academy Marching Band!



VIP Couple/Buddy Pass

SKU: 00026CREWO2017
  • $50.00 dollars from the $200.00 VIP Couple/Buddy Pass will be donated to St. Mary's Academy! Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable!


    You will receive the following:

    - VIP SPECIAL GUESTS ENTRANCE TO THE CONCERT (must present your digital purchase receipt to gain entry)


    - 2 VIP Tickets to the Deepa Soul 'Creole Woman' Concert in New Orleans. You will be seated at a table near the front of the stage. 

    (no flights, ground transportation or hotel accommodations included)


    - Only 1 Autographed hard copy CD of the limited edition Deepa Soul 'Creole Woman' LIVE in New Orleans album 


    - Only 1 Autographed Print Program Book (Collectors Item)


    - Only 1 Digital Download of the Deepa Soul LIVE in New Orleans Album


    - Only 1 Autographed Deepa Soul Photograph (Limited Edition)


    - 2 VIP Access to the Special Toast & Reception

    (Immediatley Following The Concert)


    - Selfie with Deepa Soul and with Social Media Dedicated Post




Get the limited edition Deepa Soul 'Creole Woman' Coffee Mug.

Autographed Limited Edition Deepa Soul Photograph


You will receive 1 hand signatured autographed photograph from Deepa Soul's limited edition collection. ONLY 151 prints of this photograph will be available. Once the 151 prints are sold out, the 151th photo will go into the Deepa Soul costume and memorabilia original collection never to be sold again. 

Deepa Soul Autographed Tambourine (Collectors Item)


Deepa Soul Autographed Tambourine - Memorabilia


Only 7 Deepa Soul 'Creole Woman' Tambourine collectors items will be autographed and sold. The 8th Tambourine will go in the Deepa Soul's costume and memorabilia original collection never to be sold again. 


Deepa Soul Autographed Microphone - Memorabilia


2 limited edition Deepa Soul autographed microphone ($500.00 value) collectors items will  be produced for the 'Creole Woman' album project. During the pre-order campaign 1 microphone will be available to win! (The winner will be announced right before the last song during the concert) When you purchase a VIP CD, Vinyl or Live Stream Bundle, your name will be entered to win 1 of these autographed collectors item. The 2nd microphone will go into the Deepa Soul costume and memorabilia original collection never to be sold again.     

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