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Deepa Soul – born Diedra Meredith (Dee) in New Orleans, La.  In her early years as a recording artist, she landed twice in the top 5 on Billboard Club Play Charts. She hit instant succes with her first record when she was discovered and produced by Superstar DJ/Producer Junior Vasquez who is responsible for producing mega crossover dance hits  for Cher, Madonna, Whitney, Mariah, Beyonce, Mary J, Elton John and many more.....


While Ms. Soul has reigned in the top ranks of the Billboard EDM/Dance charts, she is also  a prolific singer/songwriter and an accomplished musician. When she performs LIVE with her band she can go far beyond to prove her prowess! This woman live on stage is an eclectic GUMBO mix of her musical studies with intensive focus in Jazz, Funk, Rock, Soul, the Blues and of course as she says ”I'm a House Head! House and Dance Music will always be a part of my performance repertoire.” This girl is on fire when she hits the stage and she is gearing up for her new show and tour. If you get the chance to attend one of her shows, get ready to go on a musical journey as she evokes nostalgic sounds of the powerful women of soul, funk and rock that have graced the stage before her.


Prior to her rise form the New York City Underground Dance Floors, Deepa is an accomplished dancer spending years as lead dancer in the African-Ballet Company "Mbongi Dance Theater under the direction of master Titos Sompa. She became an award winning choreographer getting her first break from dance industry luminaries the late Russell Clark and Tony Selznik.


Deepa received her formal training in music at the prestigious college preparatory St. Mary's Academy in New Orleans earning her place in the Tri-M Music Honor Society and Who's Who in America. Deepa says "the rest came from getting out there and playing LIVE! Music literally saved my life." She studied dance and music from the time she was 5 years old. Both her parents were musicians, her father was a professor of music. As a young musician, she played 6 instruments mastering the slide and valve trombones, which is why she has a special love of writing great horn sections in her music. Occasionally, Deepa will play live on stage with her horn section.



She always finds time to be a Humanitarian and activist which earned her recognition and honors for community service from the NAACP. In 2011, she received a Proclamation from New York Senator Eric Adams for her self funded community service working with homeless and at risk youth.


In February of 2013, she was also honored for Black History Month by members of the Actors Fund at the Aurora, and served as Honorary Co-Chair for the

Black Women's Blue Print “Mother Tongue Monologues” at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.


Deepa dedicates her full self to be of service through her music and other talents. She believes that music is supposed set you free and inspire others to be free. Hence, when it comes to a particular genre, Deepa Soul says she can't be isolated to one genre, sound or feeling. “I never liked that the music industry boxed an artist into a specific genre. I love the evolution of the Indie Music Industry because it allows you to be more of the TRUE artist you are. "Anyone who just loves music has their playlists on shuffle!" says Deepa.

Photo credit James Meade

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