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Deepa Soul is Making a Record in her Hometown of New Orleans
Watch Deepa Soul with Wild Bill Woods
WGNO's News With A Twist 

Join native New Orleanian Deepa Soul by partnering with her on an initiative to celebrate and raise awareness about the art and culture of her city. Her goal is to be a part of uplifting the community that supported her as a young musician and performer growing up in New Orleans. You can be a sponsoring partner of her Concert & Live Album Recording at The Historic Carver Theater Saturday September 16th.

Deepa could have chosen to record her LIVE Album in New York where she has resided for over 10 years, but she wants this unique LIVE album project "Creole Woman" with her 18 piece orchestra The Love Soul Orchestra to be a product of New Orleans!  You can be a partner to help her shine a bright light on her community as part of her contribution to economic growth & development in New Orleans.

She is simultaneously filming a behind the scenes music  documentary film about the making of this Concert & Album project and is looking to partner with local business owners and patrons who love supporting the arts, indie artist like her working to raise awareness about the wonderful people, places and things the beloved City of New Orleans has to offer. Your brand will forever be on seen each time viewers watch her music documentary.

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